How Did Chess Become the Game of the Day?

The person who first created the modern version of the game of Ludo had to be some sort of king. The ruler’s lute of choice was a ludus and the oldest surviving example is dated about 1450. The piece of wood from which the ludo was fashioned was a dudus, which as the name suggests is a kind of ludus. In Europe and other parts of the world where there are horses, ludos are used to herd the animals.

These two pieces were the subject of an amusing little game called “Duke Duets.” The game was played by placing a horse on top of the ludo, with the intention of steering it and preventing it from falling off. A horse could be moved out of the way using a long pole, which could also be used to knock down a round peg.

When a peg was removed from the bottom of the board, the left-hand side of the ludo would become the player’s space. As the ludo skirted the line, it would return to the place it had been in before, except that it would then stop at another peg. Now, the player who had moved their ludo so as to avoid the pegs would move their horse. It was only the third peg that could be knocked down that could be moved, causing the entire ludo to fall over onto the lower spaces of the board.


In Ludo, the horse is not allowed to jump around. Although some of the older games include jumping and the horse was included in the original game of the ludo in medieval Italy, it was removed from the later versions as it had no place in the game.

The reason for the removal of the horse from the version of the game known as Ludo is clear: horses were routinely tortured and killed for the sport of the game. Medieval people used to play their games with a stick called a corsa. When they tripped over a peg and lost the game, they would again try to go around the peg by walking back on the stick. Although ludo is certainly worth more than an English penny, it is still worth playing the game by making sure that the horse stays away from the game!

So, the horse-less version of the game of Ludo has had to wait until Chess came along to give the game of Ludo a jolt of excitement. Today, it is the first game to use the word “king” to designate the horse. However, for those who want to play, the horse can always play by himself or herself. Even though the piece must move, the player can always opt not to, even if there is an open space on the board.

No one knows exactly why the piece called the king came into existence when the game of Chess was invented. Some people speculate that it was due to a misunderstanding that had arisen when two of the most famous chess players of all time decided to play each other. The word king was an unusual one and its origin is unknown.

However, some insist that the king was moved from the corner of the chessboard to the king of pieces in the middle of the board, which he had occupied for many years. When the king’s home became the king of pieces, his home began to be referred to as the king of pieces and so on. Eventually, the rest of the pieces all started to be referred to as kings, and it was this association with royalty that led to the idea of playing a game with a king on the board!


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