Learning About Board Games

One of the best types of board games is the monopoly. It is unique as it is a complete package with a card game and a board game. Here are the basic rules of the game and where to purchase the best edition of the game.

There are three sets of the game that you can buy. The best edition to get is the land monopoly set, the card set and the train set. All three sets have unique rules for different types of players.

The land monopoly set is the game that started the whole monopoly theme. You will start the game by laying down the land and setting up buildings on the land. The board game of this set is made up of four triangular pieces that form the land in two colors and one color is the space that is not used to land.

This pack has sixteen tiles for you to play with. They all have different backgrounds on them. Some tiles are different sizes, while others are large. When you have your board set this is the time to start setting up your cities, train stations, airports, telephone exchanges, tolls, roads, bridges, dams, reservoirs, mines, steam engines, refineries, etc.

The other part of the land monopoly set is the card game. In this pack you will have forty cards that you will use to lay down different properties to buy. You have to put down the properties you want to build and the prices of those properties.

The first time you play this pack you will need to change the cards that you lay down so you do not lose them. Each time you play you will have the opportunity to get cards that are not part of the pack. The colors in the land of the cities is important.

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You can lay down either one property multiple properties or choose a specific property that you want to build. This is the second part of the board game. The pack contains one different land and one card for each of the game boards and in the card pack each card has its own background.

When you play this game you will want to try to buy properties that you can use during the game. The key to win the game is to build the most number of properties that you can before the time runs out. The land and card games are great for family games.

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