QWirkle is a Board Game For Two Players

QWirkle is a board game for two players. It is based on the iconic character of the same name and revolves around helping a royal deer find its way back to the safety of the Grasslands.

The board is made out of wood with a hollow centre and each of the nine holes has to be removed with a piece of wood, one at a time. A wooden stake is also put into the hole that you need to remove to avoid the deer falling through to its death. Once all of the holes are removed the Deer is able to re-enter the Grasslands safely.

QWirkle is one of the popular games played by many children and adults alike. There are more than fifty different variations of the game and most involve the Deer’s journey. It is important to understand how the game works before attempting to play it.

The Deer begins in the first hole. The game is played in turns and each turn consists of moving the Deer from hole to hole. The first player (usually the Player A) needs to place a stake into the hole that the Deer is in and then move it slowly forward. When it reaches the second hole, the next player (player B) must do the same.

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After reaching the second hole and placing a stake, the next player (player C) needs to remove their stake to make room for the initial deer and this will allow the Deer to get back in one piece of the Grasslands without having to fall through the holes again. When all of the holes have been removed and the Deer has entered the third hole, the last player (player D) can remove their stake and move the Deer in one last time. If the Deer falls through the holes again then it will respawn and need to be moved again, until it reaches the fourth hole where it can enter again.

When the deer is able to safely reach the fourth hole then the game ends and a winner is declared. When this happens, all the players move away from the board and can sit down and enjoy a cold one, while the loser takes a long nap in the corner. This is to protect them from the various objects that might come flying at them.

Despite what some people say, playing the game doesn’t show any signs of violence or racism. In fact, if you have grown up in an area where the Deer have become a common sight then this may seem a strange sort of game to be playing. It is however a fun, challenging game that is loved by many.

The only reason why people who say this board game is racist are attacking the King and Queen is because they are white and would normally be the target of any such offensive game. Furthermore, other races wouldn’t be protected by the rules of the game as they are just used to make the Deer race stronger. So, the popular board game is not racist and is even encouraged.


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